This site is dedicated to the life of Amanda, a mother to a 6 year old little girl, fiance to a crazy graphic designer, web designer, drifter, and many things in between.


My family, motorsports, good food, coffee, metal, rock music, experimenting with my hair, red roses, fast cars, nature, the beach, traveling, the color pink, meeting new people, sports, dressing up, being creative, learning new things, laughing, candles, Hello Kitty, Cartoons, the internet, my friends, the smell of tire smoke, laughing, sneezes, reading, kitties, and NAPS!!!!


liars, cheaters, root beer, licorice, bills, loud neighbors, getting up early, fights, people with no sense of humor, judgmental people, fake people, rudeness, storms, scary movies, Kyle Busch/Jimmie Johnson, unsweetened tea, olives, seafood, and waiting…