I quit my job…

A lot has happened since my last blog.. I up and quit my job at ADT and did a happy dance. That’s right that picture up there is my stuff all packed up to get outta there!!! It was the most scary/awesome thing ever to tell that crappy place where they could stick it! It was scary because I hadn’t quite locked down another job yet. Otherwise it was amazing and I was able to get a client and have started working with them doing some Social Media work. So far it’s great.. Being in Gatlinburg everyday is pretty nice. It’s pretty neat learning the area in a different way than the “tourist” way. Learning the short cuts, good places to visit/eat that aren’t the normal touristy places, etc.. It’s been great so far. I’ve did well from what I can tell with getting everything started up for them. It’s pretty exciting since they is the career path I really want to be on. Right now Cabin Rental places… Next stop Motorsports and Racecar Drivers!!

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