Help Us Out…

August 9th, 2010 / No Comments » / by Amanda

What a fun weekend we had in Spartanburg, SC this weekend. It was great times, hanging out with friends and enjoying the event.. Then we broke Chris‘ Toyota Corolla that was our car for the weekend.. If you remember from my last post we are supposed to use this same car, this coming weekend in Atlanta. Hence the title of the blog.. The steering wheel broke literally, one of the support pillars on it snapped… Then to make matters worse the rear suspension totally went out, needless to say we looked like a bunny hopping across the track.

So here is it.. The ChipIn.. Donations accepted because we don’t have the money currently to make this happen.. The FRN 240sx’s purpose to to help girls who don’t have cars to participate in track days.. This coming weekend is “Drive Like a Woman” an all girl track day at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Where myself and Lieze Truter were to pilot the Corolla for the day in order for Lieze to have her first ’bout with a drift car.. Now with two broken cars we are placed in a hard spot. We have the pieces  just need to put them all together. Suspension for it is in KY and would just take some driving to go pick up and have installed (and pay for it).. I have a friend giving me some wheels that I would need to pick up that I would pass through while picking up said suspension.. and I have a diff that’s at Chad’s house in ATL just waiting to be installed..  So if you’d like to help two ladies out please feel free to donate in the chip in above.. or if you’d like to have your company name HUGE on the side of the car and you take care of it all we can arrange that… All money will be put towards the car and the trip down.. any help is hugely appreciated.. Thanks!!

Busy! Busy! Busy August!

August 2nd, 2010 / 1 Comment » / by Amanda

If you follow me on Twitter, (which you should if you aren’t go here) then you probably know of the crazy month that Chris and I have ahead of ourselves. We are busy until the very last weekend in this month.. Let me tell you why..

This weekend we are driving at Elite Summer Nationals in Spartanburg, SC.. This is a yearly event held by Elite that includes a huge Car Show (held inside!), Drift Event, Sound Comp.. Word on the street is there will be other goodies on the inside too (prizes!!!!).. You will need to come by to check everything out..

The next weekend we are heading down to Atlanta for “Drive Like a Woman” for me and Lieze to tear it up in the Corolla since my car isn’t near ready. Should be good times.. We come back on Monday for this and pick Allie up from her grandparents house for her to start school on that Tuesday.. She starts 1st Grade :( makes me feel beyond old!

Then the next weekend (Aug 18,19,20) is the weekend that NASCAR visits Bristol! We are heading up for the Truck and Nationwide races but so far not going to Sprint Cup.. Saaaaaaddddddd :(

So we are rather busy this month… Please send help! and lots of Red Bull.. :)

Custom Shiftboot

July 23rd, 2010 / No Comments » / by Amanda

Ever wanted a Custom Shiftboot? Well my BFF Lieze is currently making custom shiftboots. Below is a picture of the one she made..

You can email her about these at lieze [at] and get a quote on your custom shiftboot! :)

Workin’ on my Fitness!

July 14th, 2010 / No Comments » / by Amanda

Well the time has come for me to become unlazy.. Since last year I’ve seemed to have put on a little weight that I want to get rid of… During our move from South Carolina up to Tennessee, eating out became second nature to us and well the rest is history. So last night I started….

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