My Bucket List

Recently I started thinking about how I haven’t done so many things that I’ve always wanted to. I think the impending doom of turning 30 has me really starting to think about everything that I’ve not yet done with my life.. Career and accomplishments are weighting heavily on me.. I decided I was going to make a Bucket List for myself.. There’s a few easy ones and a few that are a little more difficult to reach.. I broke it down into places I want to visit and then things I want to do..


I have a small Eiffel Tower obsession.. Though I’m sure Paris has much more to offer I want to visit the Eiffel Tower and the Louve and be on my merry way..

Greece, preferably the Greek Isles.. It’s gorgeous!!!

Italy, Venice and Rome mostly there..

Toyko, or well Japan in general.. well for obvious reasons.. The food.. The cars.. The culture.. The History.. I would have to stay for at least a month to do everything hahaah!

Australia just because I couldn’t go exploring with going to the Outback.. And well our friend Leroy would KILL me if I didn’t visit.

I want to go on a cruise.. to somewhere.. not sure where.. but Caribbean would be nice Jamaica, puerto rico, cayman islands.. somewhere down in there would be good..

Then within the country.. Most of you will probably find it sad that I’ve never flown and the further west I’ve ever been is Memphis.. Furthest north I’ve been is Indiana/Ohio and I was so young I don’t even remember it.. Sad but true.. I have been to Florida once but didn’t get to go to the beach.. :(

First I want to visit NYC and Chicago.. and compare their pizzas :) and visit other things too.. but mainly the pizza :D

California.. I want to go to Wine Country and down to SoCal.. Visit all the places you normally see on TV, the Walk of Fame.. Hollywood sign.. etc.. but then I want my SoCal friends to take me to the places that isn’t well known too :)

I want to go to Texas and have some Puffy Tacos.. and visit the infamous Mr. VooDoo having the tacos with him.. South Texas has tons of culture..

I want go to VEGAS!! that’s enough explanation!

The Keys or Hawaii, either one.. preferably the Keys.. :)

and last but not least..

I want to attend a Pats game at Foxboro.. Go to an Indy Series, Formula 1, WRC, and X-Games event… Visit a few of the NASCAR tracks that I love, ‘Dega, Miami Homestead, Charlotte, Watkins Glen, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, and Sonoma..

That’s it for my travels.. I’m sure there is many other places that I would love to go to but these are the top of my list. Many of these could be wrapped into a one trip. Say go to Sonoma to see a race and visit California or go to Japan and see an Formula 1/WRC/Indy Series race..

Anywhere I didn’t mention that is a must visit? Tell me I might have to add it to the list! :)

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